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Sub Information

All subs must have a current IGA card, but do not have to be members of the BRWA. 


Best Ball - Subs must be within 5 strokes of the person they are subbing for and play within 10 strokes of the person they are playing with.  A substitute cannot have a lower handicap than the lowest handicap in the flight they are subbing for.


Scramble- The playing partner must play with in 10 strokes of the sub. A substitute cannot have a handicap lower than 30.


Members are responsible for contacting and making arrangements with their sub. Once the member has secured a sub, they are also responsible for submitting the "Substitute Form" below to the BRWA VP/League Director. Once filled out, click the "Submit" button and it will automatically be emailed for you.  For subs to be eligible for play, all forms must be received no later than Tuesday evening prior to league on Wednesday. 

**NOTE: No substitutions will be allowed the night of league**

Sub Form

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