2020 Sub List

Heather Kovick-------208-739-3595    14.0


Jo Mysinger-------------208-440-9200       17.1

Cheri Nelson------------208-869-2437       18.2

Genny McGrath--------208-869-4767        18.4

Kim Darnall------------307-760-1607         19.4

Trish Schreiber --------208-389-8892         20.3

Kelly Chapple----------208-631-5210         21.2

Kristina Curtis----------541-413-0066         21.3

Lori Smith----------  208-724-0500     28.9

Nicole Eisenbarth-----415-470-3314       30.7

Debbie Montgomery--208-841-7373        34.9

Sue Whelan--------- 208- 369-0221      35.4

Nancy McMahan----  208-284-0474      38.3

Jackie Rattner--------208-866-8661      45.6

Abigail Nieto---------208-880-6455     52.3

Jennifer Moore------ 208-371-5699         54       


All subs must have a current IGA card but do not have to be members of BRWA. They can't have a lower handicap than the lowest in the flight they are subbing for and must play within 10 of the person they are playing with. For instance, if you are getting a sub for the second flight and your partner has a 24 handicap and you get a sub with a 40 handicap, they have to play down to a 34.

If you have any questions please contact Carolyne.

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